Structure of Payment for Legal Services
of IB-IA Group UAB

For both the client and the company, it is important to know the structure of payment for pre-approval services. The cost of pre-approval services of our company meets the reasonableness requirements, as evidenced by the fact that reasonable rates are used for its calculation and a reasonable amount of time required for the provision of high-quality pre-approval services is taken into account.

This feature based on many years’ experience of participating in a large number of legal projects allows our clients to order services from our company as needed while having a full understanding of how the cost is calculated. When determining the cost of pre-approval services, the main goal of our company is to agree upon the structure of payment for pre-approval services, which will best meet the interests of our clients from the very start of the project implementation and avoid misunderstanding and misinterpretation.

The structure and amount of payment for services provided by IB-IA Group UAB depends on the type and scope of work to be performed and work completion time, as well as on how often the work will be performed and how complicated the client’s situation under consideration is. The payment structure will be agreed upon with each client in advance on an individual basis and will be specified in the contract signed by the two parties, namely our company and the client’s representative.

Structure of working with IB-IA Group UAB

  1. Client fills out the questionnaire prepared by the team of IB-IA Group UAB

With this, the team of IB-IA Group UAB can analyse your situation individually in order to find the best solution for the client’s needs.

  1. The personal consultant reviews the application form and does the initial analysis and provides a client with an agreement and a quote (stated in the agreement).
  2. After the payment for the pre-approval services of IB-IA Group UAB has been received, personal consultant provides the client with multiple solutions from our wide range of partners

The solutions are provided on the individual basis, and are offered depending on the review made from the analysis of the questionnaire

  1. After the client has chosen the solution, IB-IA Group contacts partners for opening a bank account.

Our company is always aimed at providing high-quality services to our customers in all areas of business. We find individual approach to each and everyone in order to build a strong and trustworthy relationship.