Private Bank Account Opening Europe

personal bank accountWhether you’re preparing to move to or travel across the old continent, you may need to open a personal bank account in Europe to make your financial transactions more efficient and cost-effective. While you can choose from plenty of digital and traditional banks, keep in mind that the process of opening a personal bank account for non-EU citizens has become more complex due to increased requirements for foreign applicants.

Our team here at IB-IA GROUP UAB has eight years of experience in helping individual clients to open private bank accounts across Europe. We use our wide network of trusted partners in the European banking industry to offer the most suitable and effective solutions that improve the lives of our valued customers.

Key benefits of having a personal bank account in Europe:

  • Local accounts enable buying and paying bills in local currency
  • The transactions are considerably faster
  • It’s easier to transfer and receive money in the Single Euro Payments Area (SEPA)
  • An opportunity to diversify savings by keeping money in different currencies
  • Integrability with various financial products and services

You can still open a private bank account in Europe during a personal visit. In this case, the number of financial institutions offering such a service increases significantly.