Open an Account in Denmark

Open an Account in DenmarkDenmark is a country in Central Europe, part of the European Union. At the legislative level, Danish financial institutions must comply with the generally accepted service standards in the European Union. Due to this, the procedure for registering a bank account almost does not differ from the requirements of credit and financial organizations located in other European countries.

Specialists of the consulting company UraFinance will help you open a bank account in Denmark. The company’s professionals are ready to provide detailed information about each bank in the country, and will also help determine the type of account to be opened.

Open a Bank Account in Denmark

The banking system of this Central European state is based on the development of the provision of services to residents. Through a registered personal bank account, Danish citizens can make purchases, pay for utilities and much more.

It is worth noting that recently the local government has imposed restrictions on the use of cash by setting a limit on the payment of purchases and services in excess of 3,000 Euros. This means that, for example, you can purchase a car in Denmark only by paying from a bank account.

In order to open a corporate account in Denmark, a non-resident will need to provide an extensive list of documents. The main condition for obtaining a bank account by Danish companies with foreign capital or offshore companies is an innovative business idea. In other words, a foreign company in Denmark should benefit the state and replenish the local treasury.

Procedure for Obtaining a Bank Account in Denmark

In order to open any type of bank account in the Danish Kingdom, it is necessary to prepare and provide documents confirming financial stability, an extract from the previous bank. It is also required to confirm the credit status (credit line). To open a personal account, you will need the following documents:

  • Identification documents (passport, seaman’s passport, etc.)
  • Residence permit
  • Income statement
  • Identification code
  • Certificate from the place of work
  • Notarial confirmation of the ownership of Danish and foreign real estate
  • Driver’s license
  • Statement of cooperation with other banks (loans, deposits)

It is worth noting that some local credit and financial organizations may require additional documents. The number and their set depend on the timing, the amount of deposits, as well as on the purpose of opening a bank account in Denmark.

To open corporate accounts, you will need personal documents of the founders of the company’s charter, as well as a license granting the right to operate in Denmark.

In order to prove the ability to pay, the opening of a bank account by non-residents is accompanied by an initial payment of 2-3 thousand rubles. Euros, which will be credited to the client’s account after registration.

Advantages of Owning a Bank Account in Denmark

  • Denmark is considered a state that has practically eradicated corruption. This undermines the stability of the economy and GDP growth during crises.
  • Affordable prices for the use of banking services.
  • Developed banking infrastructure.
  • A transparent tax, legal and judicial system ensures the most efficient business conduct.
  • Some financial organizations can serve clients in Russian.
  • Almost all banks in Denmark provide Internet banking services.

The Most Popular Banks in Denmark

Nordea Bank Danmark is the largest Danish credit and financial institution. Almost every third resident of the country has a bank account registered here. To make an invoice, you must make an initial payment of 100 Euros.

JYSKE BANK is the second largest bank in the country. Provides services for registration of individuals and legal entities. It has an increased level of confidentiality and data storage security.

Saxo Bank is a popular Danish bank among foreigners. It has a high level of security and preservation of personal data. Initial payment – 10 thousand. Euro. The bank mainly serves private clients. The cost of services is 150 Euros/year.

Bank Selection Criteria

The main criteria for choosing a bank include the following:

  • Political and economic stability of the country where the bank is located;
  • Reliability and prestige of the bank, high position in the rating of international rating agencies (Standard&Poor’s, Moody’s, Fitch and others);
  • Insurance indemnity on bank accounts and deposits in the bank in respect of which the insured event occurred is paid to the depositor in the amount of 100% of the amount of deposits in the bank, but not more than 750,000 kronor (about 120,000 US dollars);
  • The degree of control over banking operations by the state;
  • A set of banking services provided to clients;
  • Compliance of the bank profile with the specifics of the proposed account transactions;
  • Minimum deposit;
  • Cost of maintenance;
  • Convenience of servicing remote clients;
  • Territorial location of the bank and its branches;

Account Opening Procedure

As a rule, for the procedure of opening a bank account abroad, it is sufficient to provide the following documents and information to the bank:

  • Documents confirming the identity of the account managers (owners, directors, other persons acting by proxy): passport, passport, document confirming permanent residence. These documents must be provided in originals.
  • The originals of the company’s corporate documents (articles of association, memorandum, certificate of registration, appointment of the director – all these documents must be notarized and apostilled, a certificate of issue of shares. If the account is disposed of by a third party, the latter must have a power of attorney notarized and apostilled, as well as a resolution on its issuance).
  • Depending on the bank in which the account is opened, the following documents are required: recommendations from the client’s business partners, from other banks in which the client has opened accounts, business cards, names of counterparties, etc.
  • In some cases, a personal meeting with a representative of a foreign bank is required before the start of the account opening procedure.

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