Online Casino Payment Gateway

Online Casino Payment GatewayThe online casino industry is lucrative and rapidly growing but still categorised as high-risk and therefore often rejected by payment service providers. If you find yourself struggling to add more payment options for the customers of your online casino business, it only suggests you haven’t yet looked at the high-risk payment service providers who offer high-risk payment gateways to online casino businesses.

A payment gateway is a client-facing type of software supplied by payment service providers, which enables merchants to verify credit and debit cards or other types of online payment methods in a safe and secure way. In an online store, this is the section where a customer is asked to select a payment method (credit or debit card, crypto wallet or e-wallet, etc.) and enter the payment information.

An online casino payment gateway is categorised as a high-risk payment gateway due to the legal restrictions, susceptibility to money laundering and inherent financial and reputational risks the industry can pose to merchant acquiring banks and payment service providers. The vast majority of regular providers won’t accept such businesses as clients due to the preset organisational policies in spite of the financial opportunity which is why you should pay special attention to those prepared to cater to the needs of high-risk businesses.

The right high-risk payment gateway provider will be adept at dealing with the following challenges of your online casino business:

  • A robust regulatory framework of the gambling industry that makes your business subject to stricter than usual payment requirements
  • An increased risk of money laundering and other types of financial crime places the gateway providers under the obligation to implement know-your-customer (KYC) procedures
  • The high volume turnover of your website which makes it difficult to monitor and audit
  • A high-traffic website hinders thorough monitoring and audit of transactions which exposes the business to illegal activities
  • High volumes of chargebacks are often caused by friendly fraud attempts and therefore bring financial losses to business and payment service providers alike

The integration of a cutting-edge, well-designed and reliable payment gateway will make the payments too effortless and too convenient to be abandoned which will certainly lead to the expansion of your customer base.

Key functions of an online casino payment gateway:

  • Help you fit into the regulatory framework of online gambling
  • Securely move money between your merchant account and customers
  • Facilitate convenient payment methods which will likely increase your sales conversion and customer retention rates
  • Ensure seamless processing of payments

The following parties are involved in the payment process:

  • A merchant (in this case, your online casino business)
  • Your online casino customers
  • A merchant acquiring bank that maintains your merchant account
  • A payment gateway that safeguards payment details and authorises payments
  • A payment processor designed to process an authorised payment
  • An issuing bank which is a bank of your customer
    • It can also be a crypto wallet provider or other money storage provider

How the payment gateway facilitates the authorisation of a payment:

  • When your customer clicks “Deposit” on your online casino website, they’re taken to the page of payment options
  • Your customer selects a payment option and enters their payment details at the payment gateway of your online casino website
  • The payment gateway validates the customer’s data, as well as verifies the availability of the customer’s funds
  • The payment gateway encrypts the customer’s data and sends it to the payment processor of your merchant acquiring bank
  • The merchant acquiring bank sends the information to the customer’s card association (or crypto wallet, or other money storage) to approve the transaction
  • The customer’s card association either authorises or rejects the transaction and sends this data back to your merchant acquiring bank
  • Your merchant acquiring bank sends the payment authorisation data to the payment gateway
  • If the payment is approved, it gets transferred to your corporate bank account by the merchant acquiring bank

Online Casino Payment Gateway Providers in Europe

All European payment service providers must adhere to the Payment Services Directive (PSD), the purpose of which is to encourage competition and enhance safety within the digital payments market. Moreover, every payment service provider operating in Europe must be fully licensed by relevant state authorities which means the payments made to the accounts of your online casino business will be well-managed and protected from fraud. If you’re not sure about European licensing, feel free to seek a personalised consultation with our legal experts here at IB-IA GROUP UAB.

In Europe, you can choose from the following payment gateway providers:

  • Pay360 offers multi-channel solutions for the prevention of fraud and risk management, casino player authentication, payments and automation
  • eMerchantBroker offers PCI-compliant high-risk payment gateways and other customisable payment processing solutions to online casinos
  • Radiant Pay is a leading high-risk payment solution provider in Europe offering responsive support and quick approvals at affordable prices
  • Web Merchant partners with most of the biggest European banks to deliver customisable high-risk payment solutions, including effective fraud prevention software
  • GBO International Financial Services has relatively low application requirements for online casinos and other high-risk merchants but still offers accounts with the most established European banks and numerous payment solutions
  • GPN Data offers payment solutions to online casinos with a history of chargebacks, serving international customers, the benefits include the highest security level and excellent customer support
  • PayPal is one of the most popular gateways among online casinos in Europe, allowing businesses to manage multiple debit, credit and bank accounts
  • Neteller operates in over 200 countries and offers payment gateways globally in 15 languages through the MasterCard payment system

Many of the European payment gateway providers can facilitate all the payment options that are the most popular among online casino customers, namely Visa, Mastercard, ecoPayz, Paysafecard and Skrill. In today’s digitalised world, you may also want to add a cryptocurrency payment option. Of course, you should always choose the payment methods preferred by the countries and regions of your business operations.

Since you’re already exploring one of the key payment features for your online casino business, we’d like to remind you that additional payment services offered by the same providers will also come in useful or even necessary. While a payment gateway is designed for payment authorisation, you also have to consider payment processing as well as payouts and winning processing.

How to Choose an Online Casino Payment Gateway

Keep in mind that your customers are willing to entrust their money to you and they certainly don’t expect to face insecure payment and withdrawal issues. Any failure to meet these expectations will lead to the loss of trust and eventually revenue.

The easiness of making payments will be one of the determining factors of your business success which is why you must take the time to research online payment gateway providers by looking at the most critical aspects.

When choosing an online casino payment gateway provider, pay close attention to the following aspects:

  • Whether a provider of an online casino payment gateway is fully licensed in your country of operations
  • Whether a provider offers payment services that comply with data protection and other regulations (e.g. with the GDPR and PCI)
  • Availability of your customers’ preferred payment methods (e.g. mobile payments, digital wallets, crypto wallets and bank transfers)
  • Whether the payment gateway facilitates transfers of multiple currencies
  • Payments processing speed
  • Whether the provider knows the online casino industry inside out
  • How well the risk management software can prevent the business from fraudulent transactions, money laundering and cyber attacks
  • Whether the payment software is compatible with your website and suits its infrastructure
  • Whether the setup and other fees are fair and competitive
  • Options of payment gateway software localisation
  • Additional payment services
  • The level of customer service and support
  • Whether the access is convenient to you (e.g. via a web platform and smartphone apps)

Requirements for Online Casino Businesses

Every legally registered online casino business can apply for a high-risk payment gateway by starting with opening a high-risk merchant account and preparing a set of required documents.

It’s worth noting that you don’t always have to set up a high-risk merchant account to add more payment options to your business website. Instead, you can opt for a sub-merchant payment aggregator, known as a third-party payment processor. Its function is to enable businesses to accept credit and debit cards as well as other digital payment methods without having to set up a merchant account.

To get a high-risk payment gateway for your online casino business, you’ll likely have to supply the following documents:

  • Incorporation documents
  • Your online casino licence
  • Proof of registered business address where your business operations are carried out
  • A business plan that includes a description of your online casino products and services
  • Proof of identity of the company’s shareholders and directors
  • Proof of residential address of the company’s shareholders and directors
  • Tax form from the authorities of your company’s residence country
  • Corporate bank account details, including bank statements from the previous few months
  • The company’s statement of profit and loss if available
  • Financial statements (3-6 previous months)
  • Records of six months transaction history

While preparing your set of documents, don’t forget to dedicate time to ensure that your online casino website is compliant and ready to accept secure payments and withdrawals. For instance, the sections of terms and privacy policy must be drafted and published on your online casino website.

How to Obtain an Online Casino Payment Gateway in Europe

If you already have an established business relationship with your merchant account service provider, you can usually also request an online casino payment gateway and other payment services from them. Alternatively, you can find a high-risk payment gateway provider yourself.

To get an online casino payment gateway, take the following steps:

  • Define your business needs in the countries of operation and determine your customers’ payment and money withdrawal preferences
  • Delving deeply into the peculiarities of the relevant regulatory frameworks will help you make sure your selected providers are compliant and keep their clients compliant as well
  • Look up and compare fully licensed high-risk gateway providers who ideally have experience in serving online casino businesses
  • Send your company information and a service request to the sales teams of the providers to determine their pricing, exact requirements and the availability of services
  • Submit an initial application to your selected provider

To submit an initial application, you have to provide such information as the name of the owner, company name, business email address, telephone number and your online casino website address, specify regions and countries of operation as well as describe your casino products or services. At this stage, your company’s payment processing history may also be required.

When your application is approved, you should normally receive a test payment gateway ID which would have to be integrated into your business website. A thorough testing phase is necessary to ensure there are no glitches. The payment gateway can go live once it’s fully tested and integrated into your website.

If you’re ready to grow your online casino business in Europe by offering more customer-friendly payment options, our team here at IB-IA GROUP UAB will be delighted to assist you. We have eight years of experience in helping clients to obtain online casino payment gateways for European markets. We tap into our vast network of trusted partners in the European financial services industry to offer the most suitable and cost-effective solutions that improve the functioning of the companies we serve.