Adult Payment Gateway

Adult Payment GatewayIf your business sells adult-oriented products and services or adult entertainment in Europe, and you’re looking for ways to offer diverse payment methods to your European customers, an adult payment gateway is a must, in addition to a high-risk merchant account.

A payment gateway is a client-facing type of software supplied by payment service providers, which enables merchants to verify credit and debit cards or other types of online payment methods in a safe and secure way. In an online store, this is the section where a customer is asked to select a payment method (credit or debit card, e-wallet, or other) and enter the payment information.

An adult payment gateway is categorised as a high-risk payment gateway due to the legal age restrictions and inherent financial and reputational risks the industry can pose to merchant acquiring banks and payment service providers. The vast majority of them won’t accept such businesses as clients due to the preset organisational policies, in spite of the high volume of transactions.

Your business is part of the adult industry if you sell the following products and services:

  • Adult film distribution and online streaming
  • Online dating
  • Pole/lap dancing clubs
  • Webcams and live accounts
  • Adult toys
  • Escort services
  • Adult saunas
  • Sensual messaging